Curanto Cigar Club

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Cured space for tastes and flavors, we made a cigar bar from a cigar shop. By day or by night, it contains a particular world whose ceiling made of wooden plates contrasts with the immaculate furniture of the lounge and the external reality. The Whisky, the reuse of natural products and the environment pair a young audience with an older culture.

Andrea Monedero

Concept: Andrea Monedero
Design: Andrea Monedero, Francisco Pérez
Construction: Gerardo Aguirre, Rodrigo Boy, Francisco Pérez

In collaboration with
Blacksmithing and finishes: Arakener
Electric Installations: INSEL
Furniture: Muebles Legacy
Carpintería: Roberto Folgar
Enclosure: Ventanas AlPUS
Lighting: Mega Lámparas


LocationGuatemala City

ClientAlejandro Buitron


ProgramCigar Club

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