Andrea Monedero

Head of Architecture and Interiors

God is in the spoon, and she gives us spoonfuls of details that accentuates spaces and products, looking out for missing ingredients.

Anne-Sophie Gauvin

Head of Design Strategies and Communication

On the conceptual side of design, you’ll find her, bringing storytelling and innovation together, finding strategic actions for every concept.

Belén García

Designer, artist, critic…

Our communication skills depend on her critical mastery and conceptual projects.

Carlos Violante

Graphic Design

His taste in cute stuff is behind our visual identity, the little cat that brought us good luck.

Debbie Medina

Photographer – Artist

The world looks better through this lens that captures the lights and shadows we see.

Eduardo Gutierrez

Jr Architect

His precision escapes the logic of luck and fortune and it beautifies architecture and design.

Eva López

With her eagerness for order and cleanliness, it injects harmony into our lives. Her smile, great dose of sweetness.

Francisco Pérez

Jr Architect 

His big dreams have different shapes, all present in architecture, product and interior design.

Lucía Álvarez


We are thankful for her creativity with which she organizes our lives, cost structure and graphs, too.


Rodrigo Boy

Head of Construction and Operations

For every big idea, we need even bigger rationality. He’s got our back, for good fortune to spread.

Sindy Coxaj

Visual Designer

A great thinker but also a doer, her secret for beautiful and effective graphics is her reliability.


Alejandra Molina

As subtle as a knife. Design falls into flavors, smells, colors.

Alessandro Chiodo

World travels explode in lighting design for film, architecture and art.

Arrivillaga Basile

Between Guatemala and Milan tech, architecture, design, and visual arts come together.

chef de mon coeur

“Feeling on the plate” when the ingredient tells its story from the hand of the client

Delirio studio

There’s a fine line between art and applied surface design.

Diego Sagastume

A little web development, a lot of art, and more.

Klap Studio

An independent concept studio based in Guatemala

Taller ACA

From downtown Guatemala, an architecture and urbanismo workshop that aims at building real connections.