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Ruta Ba(t)tuta was born as an industrial design project mainly inspired by wrought iron lattices. It uses Instagram as a primary platform. Our Instagram account (@rutabattuta) documents the research process on which the project is based through simple animations. In addition to informing and guiding Instagram users in the world of lattices, we seek to invite people to be part of the process. Ruta Ba(t)tuta also consists of another Instagram account called @unacelosía, where we receive photographs of lattices from around the world that our community sends us, with the aim of mapping the shapes that form the lattices around us.

Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero, Luis Arrivillaga

Concepto: Anne-Sophie Gauvin
Diseño y Motion Graphics: Belén García

Arrivillaga Basile Design Studio


Locación@rutabattuta on Instagram



ProgramaDiseño gráfico, motion graphics.

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