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200 people came together to map the colors of Central America. A different color and hashtag per day: #AmarilloCA #VerdeCA #RosaCA #BlancoCA #NaranjaCA #GrisCA #MoradoCA. Therein is the source of the collection shown in @coloresca (on Instagram). Printed on ceramics, these pieces were exhibited in installations, at the cocktail party for the 24th edition of the Central American design magazine Perspectivas de Diseño y Arquitectura. The project was featured on the magazine’s cover, the last layer of tangibilization of a community whose content materialized in co-creations, connections, messages and actions.

Direction Anne-Sophie Gauvin Team Concept: Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero Design: Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero Execution: Sandra Canessa, Andrea Monedero Collaborators Publication: Revista Perspectivas Space and ceramic styles: Viterra


Location#ColoresCa and @coloresca on Instagram



ProgramCollective mapping

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