we are

Little Coins is a multidisciplinary team, composed of different personalities. We search for architecture, communication and design challenges. We share a taste for innovation and believe not all great stories are written by the book. We’ve learned that luck can change when you are willing to take risks and see things differently. As long as you work with the right people, good fortune will start to spread.

we do

Innovation has to do with integrating services. You can’t expect your luck to change if you don't innovate. We are dedicated to the creation of spaces, platforms, and communities. Through architecture, communications and construction, we generate new interactions between people.

How we
do it

Work can change your luck. By committing to the detail-oriented crafting of spaces, we better the chances of survival of functional structures. Every project demands a different mentality and a new set of skills. Our toolbox is filled with a multidisciplinary approach so that we can solve multidimensional problems.



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