Ron Zacapa / Diacá restaurant

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A structure to slow down and enjoy while representing the solidity and trajectory of Ron Zacapa. The bar needed to be imposing, but easily removable. Our conceptual path was giving to us by Ron Zacapa: a house above the clouds. We got inspired by the stationary clouds over the Guatemalan peaks. Following chef Debora Fadul’s requests for the opening of her restaurant DIACÁ, the furniture had to give a sense of belonging and local heritage, and the roots of coffee trees had to be transformed into lamps.

Direction Design: Andrea Monedero Building: Rodrigo Boy Team Design: Andrea Monedero Planning: Eduardo Gutierrez Construction: Rodrigo Boy Lighting consultancy: Alessandro chiodo Collaborators Debbie Fadul Marble by Guatemarmol


LocationGuatemala City

ClientRon Zacapa / Diacá restaurant


ProgramRestaurant, bar, lighting

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