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The furniture for a wine and cheese pop-up restaurant had to be mobile, but sturdy. It had to be the protagonist, but respect the architectural beauty of its initial location: Plaza Mujeres in the mesmerizing Teatro Nacional Miguel Ángel Asturias. A sense of contrast was present and privacy was created in a public space. The light structures in bold colors were inspired by palapa palm leaf beach cabins.

Direction Andrea Monedero Team Concept: Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero Design: Eduardo Gutiérrez, Andrea Monedero, Francisco Pérez Execution: Gerardo Aguirre, Rodrigo Boy Collaborators Props: LAMULTICOLOR Branding: Decontrol Studio Manufacturing: Detalles, Sistemas y Proyectos Restoration: Arakener, Insel, texturicolor Lighting design: Alessandro Chiodo, Insel, Mega Lámparas


LocationGuatemala City

ClientGrupo Alta


ProgramPop-up restaurant

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