Ronald McDonald House 4

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We participated in a contest to design the fourth Ronald McDonald house of Guatemala and we won! Together with our good friends from Taller ACA and partners in this project, we created a house for 40 families going through tough times. A practical space connected with Casa Ronald 2, Casa Ronald 4 contains the universe of a grandmother’s house: her love, food, fabrics, photos, textures, and memories receive the visiting families.

Andrea Monedero

Concept: Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero
Design: Andrea Monedero, Francisco Pérez, Sindy Coxaj
Planification: Eduardo Gutierrez, Hector Pérez, Rodrigo Boy, Gerardo Aguirre

Concept, Design, Planning: Taller ACA


LocationGuatemala City

ClientRonald McDonald Foundation


ProgramHome for 40 families

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