1001 Noches Architecture

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Renovation happens when you least expect it, if you put together the right minds and the community to make the ideas come alive. By restoring a place that was once the BANEX bank, respecting the ephemerality with light and flexible structures, the new environment of 1001 Noches can be transposed into another space, bringing people together, adapting to a new offer of activities. For only 3 years, bars and restaurants would socialize with coworking spaces, offices and conference rooms. A symbiotic approach of space and experience, proof of how a new offer creates demand.

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Direction Andrea Monedero Team Concept: Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Andrea Monedero Design: Eduardo Gutiérrez, Andrea Monedero, Francisco Pérez Execution: Gerardo Aguirre, Rodrigo Boy Collaborators Concept, design and planning: Taller ACA Furniture Design: Luis Arrivillaga, Andrea Paz Signage: Delirio Studio Lighting: Alessandro Chiodo


LocationGuatemala City

ClientInversiones Inmobiliarias San Lorenzo


ProgramRestaurants, bars, convenience store, offices, art spaces,

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