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1001 Noches would only last 3 years… So why not use the space as much as possible and make sure events happen all the time? 1001 events! We found relevant to fill the open cracks and corners of this maze with a layer of cultural events and activities. Think of all the stories and encounters born as a result of this dynamic agenda, the stories of people attracted to an ever-changing experience. We worked directly with curators to organize an experimental and contemporary agenda of events based on 8 main pillars: light (visual arts), vibrations (sound and music), structure (design and fashion), movement (dance, yoga), flavors (gastronomy, mixology), stories (literature, poetry, theater), knowledge (education), futures (technology).

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Anne-Sophie Gauvin

Concept: Anne-Sophie Gauvin
Cultural management: Anne-Sophie Gauvin

Concept: Daniela Pinto
Cultural management: Pep Balcárcel, Cecilia Porras
Visual Identity + Website Design: Delirio Estudio
Video: CAVA

CategoryCommunity / Commercial

LocationGuatemala City

ClientInversiones Inmobiliarias San Lorenzo


ProgramCultural Management

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